Kattengedragstherapie Amsterdam

Cat behavior therapy, advice and education


Welcome to the website of Kattengedragstherapie Amsterdam (Cat Behaviour Therapy Amsterdam)



I can help you address all kinds of problem behaviour in your cat(s) such as:

- Housesoiling (always have a vet examination first)
- Spraying
- Stress
- Scratching at objects
- Aggression towards owner, housemates,intercat aggression or other animals
- Unable to be alone
- Fear
- Self-harm due to excessive coat care
- Pica (eating inedible objects)
- Play aggression
- And more

For all these problems (and more), I offer full cat behavioural therapy help. Completely tailored to your personal situation. I discuss with you what the possibilities and difficult feasible advice are and look for options that fit within your situation.
But not only that: I also offer preventive behavioural advice, simple behavioural advice, simple  behavioural advice Plus.
Moreover: because I am also a qualified paraveterinary, I can give all kinds of tips and advice on all kinds of matters concerning the care of cats. So I offer a total package for you and your cat(s) and that is just a bit more than the average cat behaviourist.

Do you have any questions after reading all the information on my website or would you like to contact me directly? You can do so via the contact form. I will contact you as soon as possible at a time that suits you best